About Sadie

Sadie is the author of the Zip Tips advice column here at zibtips.com. If you are in sales, or if you own a business that relies on selling (which, by the way, very business needs sales), then you have come to the right place. Sadie and her team of experts in sales and marketing are dedicated to providing up to date, accurate information about the nature of the changing selling environment. Customers are hard to win over these days, especially since all of us are armed with so much information now.

If you don’t rethink and reinvent how to create value for customers, your business might be on the verge of extinction. It sounds sad and gloomy, but it is quite true. Unfortunately, many business run on fumes and try to rely on the old school methods that once worked, but have no clue how to maintain and sustain growth anymore because it just isn’t the same as it used to be.

Our job at Zib Tips is to keep you informed and advise you on the strategies that are working for other businesses around the United States, both small and large. Feel free to contact Sadie and her team by clicking here.