A variety of aspects affecting dealings in B2B

When the customer you are serving is another BUSINESS then it changes the perspective of business wholly. This is because as an owner of business concern you never face the ultimate consumer directly. The consumer buys your product through various retail and wholesale mediums and only a bunch of people provide you a written feedback. The growing sales are itself a feedback reflecting the liking of people towards your product. But when the customer is a producer for whom the product you are delivering is a foundation for his new product then you face them directly. And here is where quality and consistency cannot be compromised. There are three aspects of carrying out this business to business dealing of products and services. Take a look!

  1. MARKETING: Marketing is the soul and breathes of every business. It is the medium through which the product reaches to the masses. Therefore it is necessary to choose such mode of marketing which have access to million of people. The finished product of one organization can serve as a raw material for another. So it is not necessary that marketing is done only for the ultimate consumer. Marketing is to be done for the producer as well. For instance wheat flour is the product used by ultimate consumer as well as it is being used by cookies manufacturing concerns. So one product which is a raw material for another and is able to be processed further should be marketed properly. Choosing social media for marketing is a wonderful option. You not only get bulk orders on this inexpensive and friendly mode but also interact directly to finalize the deal. It provides you feedback and makes you aware about the expectation and needs of the consumer.
  1. DELEGATION: The management scientist F.W. Taylor has also pressurized the need of specialization in the organization. He believes that no single person can be talented to do all the tasks solely. It is necessary to delegate the works to the specialists who are masters in their field so as to increase efficiency in the work. This means that delegation is the focal point on which every business owner should ponder, whether you own a brick and mortar store such as a pawn shop, or if you happen to own a local service such as a tow truck. Delegation is not only within but also outside the organization. There are many factors which are external to the business and yet have a potential to impact significantly. Outsourcing the sideline business areas such as housekeeping for hotel industry, personnel department for an engineering firm and so on can help in gaining edge over the core activities. This means that delegation plays a pivotal role towards efficiency of business and is also termed as business to business dealing as the outsourcing service providers are also the operators of large chains all over the world.
  1. SUBORDINATION OF PERSONAL INTEREST: the business is there to serve the society and its employees. It should flourish keeping in mind the common objective of organization. Therefore while dealing with other businesses it is required to keep your personal interests of achieving high profit irrespective of customer satisfaction should not override the organizational objectives of delivering quality and durability.