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Letter from one of our readers

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Here’s a nice note we just got from one of our partners. Thought we would share with the rest of our readers.

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Dear Zibtips, I am the owner of a small business in a little town in Texas called Pasadena. My company is called Custom Designs by Ryan, and I am proud to say we have been a loyal business partner of yours for several years. Due to some recent issues we had with our customers, the head of sales for our company was looking for some ways to plan for our future growth a bit more holistically than we’ve done in the past. He came across your site and started reading some advice and was very pleased with the amount of thought leadership you’ve put out there in the market for your readers to access. So without further ado, we’d like to extend a big thank you.

The issue wasn’t major, but this is a quick synopsis so you can understand where we’re coming from. We had a large piece of equipment overnighted to us, and we used FedEx cargo to get it to the destination. When our shipping manager got to the receiving dock, the trucker whose name was Jim Davidson asked for some paperwork to be signed as per usual. He then informed us that we should take a closer look at the bottom left section of the equipment because he’s been transporting similar items for many years, and although he did not claim to be an expert, he admitted that it didn’t look right. It was apparent how frustrated the receiving manager was because he physically changed his demeanor and made a bee line for the equipment pallet.

The truck driver asked for permission to come back after hours because he was staying in town for the evening anyhow after one more delivery. The receiving manager absolutely agreed, and it was time for everyone to get back to their day. To everyone’s surprise at my company, Jim came back around 6:15 pm with a box of tools, a few printed pieces of paper, and some work gloves. Our team knew right away that Jim was going to offer his time, expertise, and kind spirit to fix a major issue for the company. And the best part was he didn’t even have any responsibility when it came to the actual issue at hand.

Within 5 minutes, Jim had already read what he needed from the printed piece of paper he brought from the hotel, and on his knees he began to crank away at the damaged section of the equipment. Our team obviously came to his aide in order to expedite the process for this legendary truck driver that was now actively working in the middle of our shop. Approximately 20 minutes into the impromptu project, Jim looked up, checked his data sheet on the last test he ran, and gave us the nod that all was good to go.

We immediately launched into full applause and cracked open a few cold ones to relax after what had been a stressful day. Thank goodness for Jim’s truy selfless attitude, otherwise we would have been severely delayed in getting our project out the door to our customer. His trusted advisor relationship has continued to this day, and we see him on a regular basis for deliveries.

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This story is one we wanted to showcase because it focuses on the importance of relationships and value. There are a few others that we’ve recently received, so please keep your eyes peeled for more to come in the weeks and months ahead. We do have some interesting stories from a long time customer of ours in an area very close to the author of this article. His name is Bill, and he helps people install blinds in Bellaire when they are moving into new construction and/or renovated homes.

We will keep you posted as we hear more, and thanks as always to our readers here at zibtips.com. We look forward to hearing your success stories as well.